Dr Nick Fuller

Research Program Director - Charles Perkins Centre


Dr Nick Fuller is a leading obesity researcher in Australia and has been running the clinical research program at the Boden Institute, Charles Perkins Centre, at the University of Sydney for the past decade. He has helped hundreds of people with their weight-loss and lifestyle journeys and investigated a broad range of topics, including dietary and exercise programs, appetite hormones, commercial programs, complementary and conventional medicines, medical devices and weight-loss surgery. He holds a doctorate on the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of different obesity weight-loss treatments, as well as degrees in exercise physiology, nutrition and diets.  

Nick brings together a diverse skillset, having worked in both corporate and academic positions, and with a broad range of funding bodies including both government and industry. The importance of a holistic approach to the treatment of overweight and obesity is something he is particularly passionate.


Nick has completed three tertiary education university degrees and received the prestigious Peter Bancroft Award for his doctorate.

BA (Human Movement) – University of Technology, Sydney

Masters (Nutrition & Dietetics) – The University of Sydney

PhD – The University of Sydney