Dr Fuller is a familiar face and voice across the Australian media spectrum. He is the resident Weight Loss Expert for Channel’s 9’s TODAY EXTRA breakfast morning show.


He writes weekly for The Daily Telegraph, has a regular segment on the Number 1 AM Breakfast Show 2GB, and has regular appearances on Channel 7, 9, 10, ABC and SBS TV. Read up on his latest articles from The Daily Telegraph below:

Do you have high cholesterol or know someone that does? Read up on these simple lifestyle tips to reduce your 'bad' LDL-cholesterol level.

What makes a celebrity like Kyle, with all the wealth and the contacts, unable to achieve something that fad-diet advocates say is so easy?

ONE of the core principles of the paleo diet was shaken to its low-carb core this week, with the discovery that our Palaeolithic predecessors did the unthinkable — they ate bread.

Milk is an important source of nutrition because it contains calcium which is needed for healthy bones and it’s a source of protein which builds muscle and helps us to feel full. 

But which ones stack up best for your health? And which ones should you be avoiding?

New data has just been released showing that nearly half of us are now taking vitamins and supplements. But do any of the weight-loss supplements actually work?

Picture this… You’re on your way to work. You drop into the supermarket to pick up your daily supplies which includes dried insects to snack on and then pop into your local cafe for your morning coffee — “Could I have a latte with cockroach milk, please”.

SALT has gained a bad reputation over the past few decades with its links to heart disease and stroke — often being the common scapegoat for the increasing prevalence of many of these modern-day lifestyle diseases. But is salt really that bad for you or is high blood pressure and heart disease a by-product of the modern-day western diet?

WE CAN’T live without it, yet recent data shows that 50 per cent of people fail to get enough sleep and up to 75 per cent of people have trouble falling to sleep.

The Health Star Rating has been on our supermarket shelves since 2014 — a voluntary system whereby food manufacturers can add it to their products if so inclined. 

If you are one of those people that weren’t able to stick to your New Year’s plan, don’t be concerned as you’re certainly not alone.

NUTS are one of those ‘super foods’ that we should be talking about more often – and not for the common misconception that they cause weight gain but for the very reason that they actually help curb our waistlines.

PEOPLE choose to follow a gluten-free diet for many reasons. But is it something that will help with weight loss?

PREVENT the weight regain that you have always experienced when going on a weight loss program.

ONE in 10 deaths worldwide are attributable to physical inactivity. We are simply not moving and it is a large part of the reason for the skyrocketing waistlines we see today.

We incorporate our new exercise routine, only to get disheartened when we don’t see any change on the scales. Find out four myths about activity and weight loss. 

WE all know obesity is a global problem, yet no real solutions are in sight. What can we do to curb the problem?

EVERY week we are hit with a new diet. Most come and go in the blink of an eye, but others stick around because they have big TV celebrities backing them.

WHAT can you do to eliminate body fat for good?

IT’S a global epidemic, with no end in sight. Two in three people now have problems with their weight and despite our obsession with #fitspo, we still don’t seem to have a solution.

CLEAN eating and clean living are certainly the words on everyone’s lips this year, but what is it?

ONLY researched diets are proven methods to long-term weight loss but why do we keep turning to diets or celebrity weight loss programs?

EVERY time we lose weight we are pre-wired to put it – and often a bit more – back on again.

WOULD you consult with a person without qualifications if you had cancer? Why is it any different if you have obesity? It shouldn’t be.

The news came as a huge shock to everyone - Sarah Wilson announced she is closing the doors to her multimillion dollar empire. But what does I Quit Sugar actually mean?

A SYDNEY doctor has lifted the lid on the real long-term impacts of a detox juice diet. He claims, “You won’t keep off the kilos and the weight will pile back on.” He has also listed six main reasons why you’re set up for failure.

Every year a leading group of qualified experts get together to objectively review the science behind the latest diets with respect to their nutritional balance, health benefits, ease of following, safety and of course, weight loss. Can you guess which ones appeared in the bottom 10?

A SYDNEY doctor has finally put a straightforward answer to whether switching to a vegan diet is actually healthier.

ARE you one of the many people who have been going to the gym or exercising regularly in the New Year but every time you jump on the scales you fail to see a result?

ARE carbs really to blame for our battle against the bulge?

WHY were the Biggest Loser contestants destined to fail when they agreed to go on the show?

THERE is a clear reason why Australians attempt five diets every year to lose weight and fail every single time.

EASTER — it’s choc eggs and hot cross buns ahoy. All wrapped up in a three day break. But Dr Nick Fuller has some tips on how to beat the bloat this Easter long weekend.

FOR most of us, our weight is going up every year. This can be up to one kilo per year for those over the age of 25 and even more as we get older and the body slows down.


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