Dr Fuller is a regular contributor to breakfast morning radio and various podcasts, including Dr Karl’s ‘Shirtloads of Science’. You can tune in to a couple of his latest interviews below:


Shirtloads of Science

The worst (and best) diets of the year

41 popular diets have been ranked by US Health professionals. Dr Nick Fuller takes Dr Karl through the top and bottom of the chart. Is there a new number one this year? Will it be the 5/2, Keto, Dash or Mind? Before you start your next diet, listen to this Podcast.

The salty truth

We all need salt, but too much makes you sick. Too much for too long kills you. So how much is enough and which foods have it? Dr Nick Fuller busts FIVE common Myths to help you toward a simple lower-salt lifestyle plan. Feel better and you're likely to lose some weight.

Not so super foods

Imagine something that would undo all the bad stuff you put in your mouth. Now that would be a Super Food. Superfoods do not exist and Dr Nick Fuller takes Dr Karl through recent claims.

White drink scams

A whole new drink category has sprung up in your supermarket. The labels say "milk" - but what's really inside? On the internet you'll find all kinds of nice things being said, but some of these products have hidden health hazards - like loss of bone mass, weight gain and bad cholesterol buildup. Some are just lousy value for money. Dr Nick lists the healthy and economical choices for every diet.

Fight fat with science

95% of diets fail & Dr Fuller knows why. It's not only what you eat but how and when. He takes Dr Karl on a neuronal, hormonal and intestinal journey plus the latest science on maintaining a healthy balance. We are hardwired for hard times and so it takes smarts to beat the snacks that pump us up.

Diet is a 4 letter word - but it doesn’t have to be

By middle age you will try over 60 diets and 19 times out of 20 you will not lose weight. Australia is now the 5th fattest nation on earth (ahead of the UK). Join Dr Karl & Dr Fuller from Sydney University and a plan that is friendly to the human condition. Fad diets will fail. On average we will spend more than 30 years on diets during our lifetime. With a $60 billion weight loss industry, do they really want you succeed? 


Radio 2GB

‘Misleading consumers’: Health star rating system needs overhaul

The government-backed system gives food a score out of five stars based on its nutritional value, in an attempt to help consumers make healthier choices.

But experts say the system is broken as it isn’t compulsory for companies to display the ratings on packaging.

Dr Nick Fuller from the University of Sydney tells Alan Jones the system also demonises natural sugars.

“It doesn’t work. The way it’s currently set up is misleading consumers.”

“It’s allowing the food manufacturers to manipulate the system.”

Dishing up the science behind weight loss

With two-thirds of adults and one-quarter of children in Australian either overweight or obese, Dr Fuller says “70 per cent are now struggling with their weight” and all too often they fall into the lure of weight loss fads.

“This is an industry that is plagued with people making a dollar out of other people’s misery”.

“People need help, people need good evidence, science and research to show them how to go about their weight loss journey.”

Dr Nick Fuller joins 2GB Breakfast host Alan Jones in studio, sharing some alarming insight into the weight loss industry.

Diabetes is becoming a global epidemic

Diabetes is the global epidemic causing death and destruction worldwide, and it’s spreading at an alarming rate.

November 14 marks World Diabetes Day aimed at keeping diabetes firmly in the public and political spotlight.

Dr Nick Fuller joins 2GB Breakfast host Alan Jones in studio, sharing some frightening statistics about type 2 diabetes and what can be done to address it.


Health Hacker

Dr Nick Fuller joins Adam MacDougall on Health Hackers to discuss how to avoid going to extremes with your nutrition.



Discrimination against someone because of their weight is now considered one of the last remaining socially acceptable stigmas in the country – and it's a problem that doesn't look like it's going away any time soon.

Dr Fuller talks to ABC Australia.